Friday, July 29, 2011

I decided its about time I updated this good ol' blog. I'm not very good at keeping people informed on what is going on with Brigham (or any of the rest of us) so maybe I'll give it a go. Brigham is only a week away from being 3 months old. I seriously can't believe how time flies. It seems like just last week I was pregnant and miserable.
He is doing really well. When we first got home from the hospital things were pretty rough. I didn't adjust to 4 kids well at all. Brig was so fussy for a while that I ended spending most days in my room with him. He demanded a lot more attention that any of my other newborns....and none of them were necessarily easy babies. After being home for about 2 weeks I decided to start giving him half formula/and half pumped breastmilk. He was being such a lazy nurser that he never really was able to get full. This causes a lot of gas for him and A LOT of crying. I go back and forth a lot trying to decide if that was the best thing to do. The only reason is that I HATE pumping and formula costs a ton of money. Life has became easier since then though. Don't get me wrong. He still demands a lot of attention and he still has a really sensitive tummy but things did get easier when I started bottle feeding.

He is almost 11 pounds now. What a little chunker. He smiles a lot and really likes to be talked to. When he is fussy the big kids will come and talk to him and it almost always calms him down. It is so nice not to have to be holding him all the time. He likes to eat....seriously he has a major appetite. He eats 4 ounces every 2.5 hours or so. I have tried feeding him more in hopes to not feed him as often. He must have a small tummy though because anything more that 4 oz. doesn't stay down.

I was really hoping to be completely done with the oxygen by now. Unfortunately his oxygen saturation is quite what it should be so we are still using the oxygen at night. His saturation needs to be above 90%. When is dips below that it means his organs aren't getting enough oxygen. The dr. here thinks after another month with it on at night that we will be ready to get rid of it. He does need it during the day sometimes but the dr. thinks its ok for him to be without it unless it drops below 90% for more than a few minutes. Brigham hates the tubes up his nose. He pulls it out a couple times a night. I feel so bad for him. It can't be comfortable!

I'm gonna post a few pics of him. There are a lot more pictures that I need to post of him and the other kids too. Maybe someday I will be more consistent about this blogging thing.
Not really a current picture. We were heading to the dr. One of the few outings he had been on at the point. He is about 7 weeks old in this picture.
The first day in the NICU. This was before his jaundice spiked.
Right after he was born.....when we had no idea what we were in for.
Day 2 in the NICU. So sad with the blindfold and stupid ventilator.


Heidi said...

11 pounds already?! Well, I guess I shouldn't say 'already.' That just seems like a lot when I compare him to Porter! I can't believe Brig is almost 3 months old. Awesome. He's adorable! :)

amanda said...

what a courageous kid!

Anonymous said...

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