Saturday, April 19, 2008

Howdy From Houston

As most of you know we spent our spring break with Josh's sister Sharman and her family in Houston. We had a great time in the 80 degree weather! Here are a few highlights!
What a cute family!!! Here we are at the beach in Galveston. It was a beautiful day. Millie loved jumping in the waves. Levi wanted nothing to do with the water but loved playing in the sand.
This is right after we got drenched by Shamu!!! We thought it would be fun to sit in the "Splash Zone" They really should call it the "Get Completely Soaked Zone!" The kids DID NOT like it at all!!! Its hard to tell in the picture (or the video) just how soaked we really were...or that we all had a few swallows of sea water. EWWWW!
A very mean looking shark at Sea World!!!  Way to go Josh for getting such a cool picture! 
Levi spent the day at the beach either in the sand, or screaming while we made him get in the water. He looks so grown up with the hat on!

Here we are getting soaked by Shamu. The video doesn't do it justice at all! This was one of this first things that we did---next time we will wait until later on in the day when we are all really HOT! Oh wait---next time we won't sit in the splash zone!

Thanks Scott and Sharman for a great vacation!!!


Lola said...

MMMMmmmm Warm! I wish I could be where it was warm! Spring in Salem is NOT NICE!!!

Abbey said...

Yeah---where I live there is 2 feet of snow on the ground. I would go for Salem anyday!

Bonny said...

ha! GEORGIA is great and warm right now!

looks like a great trip!

Molly said...

Super cute pictures. I love your pink swimming suit! Monster does look old in that hat! I am totally jealous of your trip!

Rachel Wilkinson said...

Wow Millie and Levi look so grown up! Alot has changed since Christmas! Your trip looks like it was alot of fun, but like Bonny said, St. George is great and warm right now too! :)

Ringmaster said...

Well, I am not warm at all. Fun vacation. Don't you remember the splash zone from when we were little.