Sunday, August 24, 2008

Its about time I blogged!

Okay Okay....I know and fully admit that I am really bad at this whole blog thing. The thought crosses my mind at least a thousand times a day that I should update...but I just never get around to it. We haven't really been up to a whole lot. Josh started work again and the kids are not coping well with that...which means that I am not coping well either!!! I am 34 weeks preggo now so the next month will be filled with weekly trips to see my doctor. For most people going to the dr. is not a big deal but when you have to drive over 2 hours to get there it becomes an all day event!

Here is a cute pic of Giggles and Monster. I woke up from a nap and found them like this while watching an episode of Dora! They don't like each other this much all the time but for the most part they are the best of friends.

They are supposed to be helping Josh do some yard work to get ready for the BBQ we are hosting tomorrow night. Mostly they just ended up really wet!!! Yes...Giggles is dressed as some sort of a princess and yes she wore that all day---even to the grocery store. She called herself Princess MaryBella, I have no idea where she came up with that name.
This is a picture of a small problem that I have right now. Waaaaay too many books to read. Usually I can breeze through a good book in a day or two--maybe a week at the longest. Lately though as soon as I pick up a book I fall asleep. The more I think of it I might be able to get a lot of these read from 3-5 in the morning when I am too uncomfortable to sleep. That way I should either get something read or fall asleep. I'll have to try that tonight!
We had an early birthday party for Lori. The kids did a great job of planning and executing it! Now Giggles now thinks that we should always celebrate birthdays early---even if it is several months early!!! We've been having a lot of un-birthday parties at our house lately!!!

Stay tuned for the "When will Abbey have her baby contest" later this week. There will definitely be a prize involved!!!


Bonny said...

yeah Zippy! one of my favorite books ever!

robnheidi said...

Fun stuff! Looks like you guys have been busy. And I've got a huge list of books that I want to read. I'm open to suggestions too! Good luck with all your doctor visits. :)