Monday, October 27, 2008

A few more pictures!

Here is one of the baby! She puts her hand like that a lot and I just assume that she is praying! She is laying on the beautiful quilt my mom made for her! She is a month old now. Time goes by too quickly. People keep asking me if I remember what it was like to just have 2 kids. YES!!! I do...that was when I got more that 45 minutes of sleep at a time and I had a clean house! Having her is way better though!
Here is Monster! He is excited because I told him that after he finishes his dinner we are going to make cookies!

The baby is just over 3 weeks old in this picture and we decided it was time to go back to church. And you all know by now that if I am going to be on time to church we are definately getting a picture! Josh should have told me to sit up straight so that you wouldn't have to see so many of my fat rolls!


Molly said...

Cute pictures! What fat rolls!

Rachel Wilkinson said...

Wow a month! I saw a great quote on a friends blog, "as a mom the days go by slow and the years go by too fast"

C.C. said...

waaaay cute kids! I love monster hiding in the bathroom-so cute.

It gets easier once you get more sleep but only slightly easier.

wow, J. cooks & cleans-how'd you manage that?