Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Jumpin Jacks

For Spring Break this year we spent lots of time with our family down in Utah. Thanks to my cousin Rachel I had heard about this place called Jumpin Jacks and decided to take the kids there. It was a BLAST!!! I only paid 11 bucks for the 3 of us to get in and we had so much fun! I will definately be taking the kids back!

Millie could climb up all of the slides by herself and she was not at all afraid of them. She just giggled the whole way down.
Here is a shot of my foot! Levi and I were headed down the tallest slide. It was a workout to help him climb up all of the slides....but he LOVED going down!

This is the one slide that Levi could climb up on his own. He was so proud of himself and must have climbed that one slide at least 50 times.

Seriously.....aren't they the cutest kids you have ever seen???
BTW.....I am just going to use their real names. I can't even keep the 3 of them straight with their own names....there is not way I can keep using nick names!


Wilkinson Family said...

I'm glad you liked it! Next time let me know when you are going....I have buy one get one free entry tickets that last til the end of 2009!!!

Heidi said...


Tim and Angie said...

I haven't been there yet, but there is a similar place here in PG called Kangaroo Zoo. The girls love it. We'll have to check out JJ. We have coupons there too. We'd love to see you next time you're in town. Good luck with the addition!