Sunday, May 17, 2009


Sabra  and  JILL !!!!!

Thanks for commenting on my boring blog!  

Sabra....I was so thrilled to hear from you.  I promise I am emailing you ASAP for an invite to your blog.  I probably know some of your family that lives in Star Valley.  You are from Swan Valley, right?  I think about you every time I drive through there on my way to do shopping the big city I.F.  Whoa...I'd feel totally dumb if that is not where you are from....  Be looking for an email from me.

Jill...How is Kemmerer?  I was in Kemmerer a few months ago.  Rode over with a friend of mine to meet a friend of hers for dinner at Arctic Circle.  One of these days I'll head back over that way to visit you.  I've heard the Chinese place there is great so maybe we could go to lunch.  Your blog is cute....I am jealous of your mad running skills.  

Thanks for reading!!!!  One day I am sure I'll get better at blogging!!!

And DANI....   Thanks for stopping by on Saturday.  You ROCK!

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