Thursday, September 3, 2009

What We Do For Fun

We like to PAR-TAY!!! Totally tubular 80's style kind of party!
Alana, Tye, Dani, Mel, and Heidi. I have some AWESOME friends!

Tye, Dani, Helena, My big fat face, and Faye. They are like totally awesome at an 80's murder mystery party!!!! WOOT WOOT!

See that big pink thing....Its my big bootay!!!

Melanie got a little tipsy when Tye and I spinned her on the chair at least a million times.

Josh....he was SCABFACE! He played the part well....Definately the life of the party.

We had our annual back to school BBQ. We invited about 20 families and ended up having about 50 people show up. It is sooooo much fun (so much that I piss people off when they aren't invited to my super cool party HA). I didn't take near as many pictures as I should have. Here is a football game that Levi was totally irritated with. If there is a football game he thinks he should be able to play.

And here is my cute little neighbor Collin. He is soooo sad the party is OVER. Poor kid.

Millie declared that we haven't seen Kiran enough this summer. So we took a trip down to Willow Park to see them! It was a fun day and a perfect way to spend the last day before school started.

This is what happens to Callie's feet when she plays at the park. I should probably make her start wearing shoes at some point.


angie.pedersen said...

I'm going to the same 80's murder mystery party next month with some of my friends. Tim is a bit reluctant, but I think it will be a BLAST! So, whodunnit? JK I don't want to know.

Just the 2 of us. said...

Fun times Abs! Reminds me of the good ole' days at Ricks with you. Hope your doing well. Love ya!