Friday, January 15, 2010

Blah Blah Bloggity Blog

Not much happening for us these days. I love January because everything seems so new but for some reason this January is kind of dragging.
So lets see....this week:
Monday-cleaned like a MAD WOMAN to make up for not really doing much all weekend. I used my birthday as an excuse to be lazy.
Tuesday-took my friend Erin to Evanston where she met another friend to take her to PMCM so her baby Noah could have surgery. The ride was awesome and honestly not long enough for me. I think I talked her ear right off!
Wednesday-babysat for a couple different friends, had a meeting.... nothing to exciting.
Friday-Cleaning and getting ready for J's brother to come and visit. And I get to go the the grocery store....YAY!!! (note the sarcasm. I dread grocery shopping).
So really the first week of being 30 was pretty dull other than going on a quick roadtrip....that was a blast.
Onto the PICS!

I've got this brown wall by my stairs that go down to the basement. I'd been wanting a shelf and quilt hanger for a while and my awesome husband made me one for my birthday. It adds so much color to the house. I like the jar quilt but I just finished peicing another one that will soon be on its way to my sister to be quilted and then it will hang here. Its a bit funkier and I am way excited to put it up.

On Saturday night my friend Erin (the one right behind me) arranged a birthday dinner for me at the fish place in Afton. It was so much fun to get out with my girlfriends (not to mention have some yummy crab cakes)! This picture is a great reminder to me of why I should: A-lose 20 pounds and B-never slouch in a picture. BLECK!!!

My friends Tye and Dani made me this cake with lots of kisses! It was so yummy! Speaking of my birthday I have thought long and hard about what I can do to make myself feel like I am doing something good in the world. Well since I just turned 30 I decided I am going to do 30 things this year that make me stretch myself. So far I have done nothing...haha. Not sure what any of them will be.....could be anything from learning something new, doing some kind of service project, or even something as silly as reaching out to someone I don't like. HA! I may even post about these things so I can be more accountable. We'll see. I'd really hate for someone I don't like (or even someone I love to pieces) to read on my blog that they had been a dumb project of mine. Anyway.....we'll see what happens.

Here is my rockstar baby Callie! So cute and such a monster!

This has got to be one of my favorite pictures of Levi EVER!!! EVER EVER EVER!!! He feel asleep with his hand in the cheetoh bag! Perfect for him because he is ALWAYS eating.


Jenny said...

Oh you make me laugh laugh laugh! I can't believe you are thirty. I mean that is really old you know. I love the shelf. SIL Jenny could really use one of those. How many hair do's would that take? Love the brown wall too. Maybe the next school break will have to be spent in star valley with you.

Molly said...

I really want a piece of the kisses cake. It looks yummy.

Andrea said...

Looks like dinner was fun! Crab cakes are my favorite as well! ;o) I am not even really allowing pics of me recently cause....ew! ;o) You look fantastic by the way! ;o)

Angela said...

I love the quilt, so cute! I got a project for you, I volunteer on Fridays at a school and read with the kids that need some extra help. Sometimes the teacher and the parents for that matter don't have time to sit with them. The kids don't always get that much out of it, but I feel good knowing that I helped them finish a book and learn some new words. Thirty extra minutes can make a big difference.

Jill said...

Your post made me laugh. Hope everyone is doing well in SV.

Marlene's Portraits said...

Love that quilt! Can't wait to see the other one. You are so talented!