Saturday, January 2, 2010

Just a few pics

Just posting a few pics........maybe I'll get to a real post later today. Maybe not.
Vidya's birthday is on Christmas Eve. This is all the Despain cousins celebrating a few days late.

All the Llewellyn cousins. Getting these kids to even agree to take a picture is a huge task so I didn't bother to really try to get them to all look at the camera....let alone smile. But they are for sure cute anyway! If we would have waited a few days baby Asher would be in the picture too!

Our tree.....before Santa came. Didn't get a picture of after but let me just say there was A LOT of presents!

I love these kids....even if they are making me crazy right this very second! One day they will all look right at the camera and say MERRY CHRISTMAS like they are supposed too..........RIGHT?????

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