Friday, May 13, 2011

Day 5

Sorry for the lack of updates. Blogger has been down for a day or so. Its been kind of annoying because it seems like I start to forget what happens.

Day 5 was a good day for us. Josh and I were kind of lazy at my moms house all morning. Life flight day was just SO exhausting!

We got to the hospital around 1:30 or so. My sister's friend Jada was our nurse and she was really nice. The nurse practitioner was also really helpful and explained things really well. When we first got there they took his blindfold off and he was wide awake for a while just looking at us. It made me really happy to see him with his eyes open. After a little while I went to pump and Josh went to do a little shopping. As I was finishing up pumping the nurse came and told me they were ready to take him off the vent. She waited for me to get there and I watched them pull the tube out of him and put him on the nCPAP. He handled it really really well. He was so calm and mellow and he didn't even have morphine in him to force him to be calm.

I just have really so calm since then. I feel like we are really making progress now!!! YAY!

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