Sunday, May 15, 2011

Day 7

I can't believe that Brigham is a week old now! Its weird because the week has seemed to go by so fast but yet time just seems to be dragging on forever.

Brigham is still on the nasal CPAP. His breathing does seem to be slowing down a little bit and he is no longer getting the antibiotic. The pressure on the nCPAP is set at 7. That probably needs to go a little lower before he goes off of it. I was at the hospital from 10:00 until 1:30. Then I went back around 7:30. He needed a bath so I went in time to help with that. The nurses are really great about letting the me as much as I can. I gave him a sponge bath and he did not like that AT ALL. I like having him smell good though! After the bath it was time to eat and I got to hold him while he was fed. We have been going up on his feeding and down on the IV. He has really developed an appetite and he really likes being fed. He was wide awake and really liked being held tight and talked to. It was really hard to go home without him. :(

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