Friday, July 18, 2008

Bear Lake Pics and Preggo Update!

While Josh was putting in our new floor last week the kids and I got to spend an awesome day at Bear Lake with Lori, A and S. If you haven't been to Bear Lake you definately need to add it to your list of things to do this summer!

Giggles and her buddy S!
I'm not that great of a photo cropper so not only do you get a picture of the cute kiddos but you also get my very attractive stomach too!
The Smokin Hot Mamas! I'm not sure who had more fun at the beach...the kids or the Mamas!

The other day someone requested a that I put a belly shot on my blog. The above photo will have to do. Why on earth would I want show the world something so horrible! At the park the other day my friend Melanie asked me when I am due. When I answer with "next week" her reply is "oh you really don't look that bad then!" So the rest of the girls at the park get a good laugh because they all know that I am only 28 weeks along. My friend Tye then says to Melanie, "If you thing she's huge another month she won't be able to walk!" gets worse. A new girl walks up to the group. Tye introduces her and tells us that she is pregnant too. can't tell this girl is pregnant at all!!! I asked her how far along she is---and you guessed it---she is only 2.5 weeks behind me!!! I felt like showing her my middle finger! Everyone else felt like laughing some more! Oh well...glad I could be the comic relief for my friends!
I wish the comments has stopped there but they didn't. The next day I went to get a pedicure. During the pedicure some lady walks in and tells me that its so great that I am pampering myself before the baby is born. I can see where the conversation is headed so I tell her that I hope to be in for a few more pedicures before the baby is born. Of course she asks me when I am due. So I tell her. Her reply...."Are you sure you're not having twins???" Oh brother! By the way...the pedicure was awesome. Josh tells me that my toes look good....I'm not sure though because my belly blocks my view of my feet!!!

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Molly said...

Remember how I said that I didn't think you looked that pregnant? The comment still stands. As a side note: being pregnant is icky.