Friday, July 18, 2008

My New House!!!

Okay...I didn't really get a new house. We have just made so many changes that it really does feel kinda new! I should post a picture of our old piano so that you'll know how much better our new one looks. The new one is about half the size as the old one...but way cooler!
We also got new flooring in the front room and kitchen. The carpet and linoleum we had was in horrible condition. I love my new floor! It totally changed the look of the house! And props to Josh for getting it done so quickly!!! He did an awesome job!

Josh also painted the basement! I love the colors that we chose! Now I am just in desperate need of some decorating help! Don't worry...the ugly green curtains will be gone soon!
Josh has been having fun making all sorts of ornaments! We have quite the collection of them now! It amazes me that he can come up with such intricate designs. I can't wait till we get to decorate our Christmas tree with them!


Molly said...

I need to come and see it in person! It looks great. Do you have a new kitchen table too?

Bonny said...

wow i love the floor! and the walls look awesome too!

Ringmaster said...

Holy Cow!!! That is awesome. Josh is one handy dude.

Rachel Wilkinson said...

Wow I love the floors!
So I see you got a comment from Tammi...can I ask how you feel about that...if it isn't to personal? You can email me