Friday, September 26, 2008

No Baby Yet

Well we got here at 8 last night.  They have given me 2 doses of something that is supposed to thin out my cervix.  The nurse checked me before giving me the second dose and I had not progressed at all....which is really annoying because I was having pretty steady contractions.  I have gotten a little bit of sleep here and there.  Josh has slept more that I thought he would.  They are going to start me on pitocin first thing in the morning...which I am thinking will be around 6ish.  I'm gonna hopefully get the epidural then too!!!  It hasn't been too bad so far...the worst part was listening to the girl in the next room scream her head off for an hour.  Luckily I have the ipod that Josh gave me so that drowned out her screaming a little bit!!!!
I'll update more later!!!!


Heidi said...

You could hear the girl screaming for over an hour? Man, that would freak me out. Hopefully you have a baby the next time I check your blog! Good luck.

Tim and Angie said...

Ohhhh, so exciting. Good luck with everything today!! I can't wait to see your new baby! Your other two turned out so cute!