Monday, September 22, 2008

Still Pregnant!!!

Well...I'm still pregnant! It looks like my mom and Vanessa are the only ones that still have a chance of winning my contest! If all goes as planned my mom will be the winner. Right now the plan is for me to check in to the hospital Thursday night at 8pm. I'll be given a dose of cervidil which is supposed to soften my cervix overnight. So we'll see what happens with that and then Friday morning I'll be given pitocin if I still needs drugs to help start the labor. The hospital has wireless internet so I am hoping that I can update my blog with pics of the baby while I am still in the hospital!

Here are a few pics from the last week while I took a blogging break:

Monster turned 2 on Sept. 13th. He had a great time opening his presents and wanted to try them out as soon as he got them. I made him an Elmo cake that he was pretty impressed with. That night Lori, S and A came over for pizza and cake. Then a few days later we met up with Grandma and some cousins to celebrate again!
He entered the terrible twos with a big bang. Here he is dressed as Barney! I had just caught him with a travel size thing of baby powder....he created this mess in about 3 minutes while I was in the computer room balancing my checkbook!
The couch only shows about 10% of the damage that he did. There was seriously baby powder throughout my whole basement!!! I can laugh now...but trust me I was not laughing then!
Here is Giggles (also dressed up) right after washing her hands and arms. While her brother was having fun with baby powder she was having fun giving herself tatooes from her finger tips to her elbows. I was way too mad to take a picture of the original damage.


Rachel Wilkinson said...

String Cheese! That is a good idea! We will be trying it out this Sunday!
Just think 3 more days and there could be a baby!

Becca said...

Good luck!! I hope everything goes well and can't wait to see the pictures. I can't believe you are going to have 3 you brave mama you!

Molly said...

hopefully they have got their surprise messes out of their system for a while!

Bethany said...

Oh man! How can a little bit go so far?

Tara and Orlando said...

LOL. It's a good thing they are so dang cute! Did you ever hear about how Ryan's daughter poured chocolate syrup around the entire house? They love to make messes, don't they?

Angela said...

You look great, I can't see all of you but sitting indian style on the floor is very impressive. Good Luck!!