Sunday, September 7, 2008


Just in case any of you are wondering---this is what Star Valley is like on Labor Day. Thats right folks, you are seeing SNOW!!! I thought my kids were just being crazy when they were standing by the door yelling, "SNOW" but sure enough it snowed for a good hour or so. If you all remember my snow sculpture that I posted a picture of back in April you will know how I feel about this!

On a happier note Josh made our traditional Sunday Night treat with Giggles and Monster! Mmmm... there is nothing like a good cupcake!!!!

Monster licked some of the frosting off of his and then declared that he was done. I guess he doesn't like cupcakes...this just means there are more for me!!!!
Giggles was really excited that she got to put the sprinkles on all by herself!!!

The contest is still on for those of you who haven't entered!!! So far I am hoping that Lola is the winner because her guess is the soonest!!!


Bonny said...

giggles looks cute. did you get a new porch/deck?

Heidi said...

Snow! How crazy. It's raining right now, but I'm pretty sure we won't see any snow. Not in Rio. And I just looked at the snow sculpture you made that you posted in April - oh my gosh! Hilarious! It looks really good, too. I swear I've seen something like that somewhere before. Did you really make it?!

Molly said...

I officially dislike snow. We are having a great September here however. No snow yet. I know it is late, but here are some Sunday night treat ideas that we like: chocolate pudding with bananas and whip cream, graham crackers and icing - think grandma Z.

Angela said...

Holy cow, snow!! It is still 100+ degrees here, it won't start cooling down until Halloween.