Thursday, November 6, 2008

Mostly Just Pictures

I keep trying to tell myself that I am going to blog a lot more often but it just doesn't seem to happen. Most of the time that I am sitting at the computer I am also feeding the baby and I am a really slow one-handed typer!

Here are Barbie Mariposa and Barney ready to trick or treat on Main Street. They had a great time and got a ton of candy. I think I am a little nuts for taking all 3 kids by myself...but we somehow survived!
Grandma Z. holding the baby on her blessing day! Marianne made the dress and I love it!

Here we all are before the blessing. I remember when Giggles was blessed we made sure to a million pictures. I think I have one picture of Levi on his blessing day...and this baby gets two. We just aren't good with pictures I guess.
I managed to survive the stress that comes with blessing the baby---like a house full of people that need to be fed! Most of my sanity came from Lori---she made sure my house was SPOTLESS!!! My mom and grandma did most of the cooking so that was helpful--and yummy!


Heidi said...

Even though you didn't get very many pics of the blessing day, the ones you have are really cute! Can't wait to see you all!

Molly said...

That was my favorite family pic of the ones I took. Wish I had done a better job for you!

Angela said...

I love the blessing dress! I hope everything is still going well, enjoy the baby naps. Haydens naps are shorter and shorter these days!!