Saturday, November 8, 2008

Thanksgiving Tag

What I'm Thankful For...
A: America...I'm glad I live here and I really thing we're going to be okay!
B: Books and Baths...they are escapes for me.
C: Chocolate...and lots of it.
D: Dark Chocolate...especially the kind Lori gets from me from the pharmacy.
E: Exercise...not really but I am trying to stay positive about it.
F: Friends...I have a lot of them!
G: Girl Nights
H: Happiness
I: Inside Jokes...or when you look and someone and you know exactly what they are thinking!
J: amazing husband, father and friend and you should see what he can do with wood!
K: Kids---Millie, Levi and Callie. I love them more than I ever knew I could love!
L: Laughing with Lori! (do I get bonus points for using two L's?)
M: Massages...I could really use on right now!
N: Necklaces...the only thing pre-pregnancy thing that fits me post-pregnancy.
O: Oh my gosh...I can't think of anything to put here.
P: Presents...I admit...I love getting presents!
Q: Quilts...because the other Q thing is not appropriate!
R: Religion. I don't express the love I have for my religion often enough!
S: Slim in Six...I wish it was true. For me it should be called Slim in Sixty.
T: Temples...because I know I can be with ALL of my favorite people forever!
U: ummm...Underwear???
V: Vicariously...and the life I vicariously live...oh and V8 Splash.
W: Water...I like to drink it but I hate it on my face!
X: X-Ray vision...I bet you are all jealous that I have this super power.
Y: Yahoo Messenger
Z: Zits...or more like the fact that I don't get them very often.

This is the first Tag I have done...and I am tagging everyone who reads my blog...all 6 of you, especially Gaffney, South Carolina...could you please tell me who you are!


Rachel Wilkinson said...

Ha Ha that is a good tag!
I'm on it!
Are you guys coming to UT for Thanksgiving or Christmas?

Dani said...

I will work on it!!! and I havw someone from Hawaii HMMMM strange!!!

Moss said...

Hi, Am from Gaffney SC. I found your blog on BBC on LDS board. My screenname on there is whitedragon3379 and my name is Dorothy. I do not post on there much unless I need some help about the LDS religion. I love to read everyones blogs because it makes me learn a lot about LDS families. My husband is a member but not active but his parents are active and take the kids to church all the time. I am sorry to say I do not like to do tags or anything like that because I never know what to put down. I have a blog but I do not think it is to good yet.

If you would like more information, just ask.