Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Another One

I got a few different variations of this one--but DANI this one is for you baby!

Paper of Gift Bag: For Christmas its gotta be wrapped! Thats the only way to go. But don't be surprised if you get a gift from me in a bag...or even worse not wrapped at all. I stink at wrapping presents!

Real of fake tree: REAL! I don't have a choice about this one. Josh takes care of it though and I think its a fun tradition to go scope out a Christmas tree. Josh starts looking in June...he is a little nutso when it comes to Christmas trees! Going to get trees with his family the first year we were married is an experience I would like to forget...but I am still haunted by it! I'll have to blog about that one sometime!

When do you put the tree up? This year it was the weekend after Thanksgiving but a lot of years we have had it up sooner. We try and get it before there is too much snow.

Do you like eggnog? GROSS!!! I can't even smell it without barfing a little in my mouth! EWWWW! YUCK YUCK YUCK!!!

Favorite Gift As A Kid: Hmmm...I don't know if I have a favorite. I always loved coming down the stairs and seeing a whole room completely full of gifts though. I do remember getting a preemie cabbage patch doll. Giggle plays with her now.

Hardest person to buy for: Some years its Josh. This year however I had plenty of ideas for him. This year I didn't really have a hard time with anyone---THANK GOODNESS!!!

Easiest person to buy for: My kids. I have a hard time stopping with them.

Do you have a nativity scene? Yes someone gave it to us a piece at a time a few years ago. I just realized that its not on display anywhere in my house. I wonder where it is...hmmmm.

Do you email or mail Christmas cards? what??? I'm supposed to send Christmas cards. I must not have gotten that memo.

Worst gift as a child: I can't think of one! Santa always went all out for us.

Favorite Christmas Movie: A Christmas Story

Do you ever re-gift: No way!!!

Favorite thing to eat at Christmas time: My moms caramel and my mother-in-law's fudge.

Colored lights or clear: Gotta be colored.

Favorite Christmas Song: Sleighride and O Holy Night

Travel or home for Christmas: This will be our first time doing Christmas at our house. We are headed down to see our families sometime on Christmas day.

Angel or star: We have a star...but I am not opposed to an angel.

Do you open presents on Christmas Eve: This year the kids will open pajamas.

Most annoying thing at Christmas: Just the fact that I procrasinate too much.

Favorite Ornament or theme: I really like the ornaments that Josh has turned on the lathe.

What do I want for Christmas this year: PRESENTS!!!! And I want to see all the people I love happy!

Favorite Christmas dinner food: Anything that I don't have to cook!

White or warm Christmas: Either as long as its not -10 like it is now!

Favorite thing about Christmas: My husband...because he loves it soooo much

Favorite tradition: It used to ba going to Grandma Carol's house on Christmas Eve. This is a year of new I'm not sure yet.

Favorite location for Christmas: With my family

I tag---anyone with Christmas Spirit :)


Dani said...

You ROCK!!!!!

Rachel Wilkinson said...

I LOVED Grandma's on Christmas eve! I am sad to see it gone but I guess that is why we grow up and have our own families to start traditions with! :)