Saturday, December 13, 2008


Okay Julia this one is for you!!!

One The First Day Of Christmas My True Love Gave To Me...

One Embarrassing Moment: Hmmm....this is a hard one because I don't get embarrassed really easily so I don't really have that funny of a story. One time in 9th grade I was in a drama class and I had to do a scene from Shakesphere. So in the middle of the performance I backed up to sit down on a chair and completely missed the chair. That was pretty humiliating. However I barely even cracked a smile and just continued the performance as if it hadn't happened.

Two Best Friends: Lori and Josh

Three Things I Buy Regularly: Refills for Josh, Milk, treats to hide in my diaper bag.

Four Places I Want To Go (and might actually go): New York City with girlfriends, to see a taping of the Ellen DeGeneres Show, Disneyland with my kids...and a nanny, the temple (at least 3 times next year).

Five Goals For The Upcoming Year: Go the the temple at least 3 times, go on vacation with Josh and no kids, get below my pre-preggo weight, start and finish one sewing/crafty project a month, host another back to school BBQ.

6 Things Most People Don't Know About You: THIS ONE IS HARD!!!!! 1- I work out 5 times a week (hard to tell, huh?) What you do know is that I like junk food. 2- all know that I absolutely can not carry a tune worth a can of beans. What you don't know is that I sing almost all day long when the only ones around to hear are my kids....AND I pretend that I can sing really well. 3- Some of you know that when I was younger I was really afraid of sirens. I would hide in the blanket closet to avoid hearing them. What you don't know is that there is a siren that goes off here in small farm town USA every day and 8am and 6pm. I used to live in an apartment right by the city hall building where the siren goes off...AND I am still scared of sirens. It scared me twice every day for 5 months! 4- I don't think any of you know that I really wish I was eating a Peanut Butter Twix right now. 5- also don't know that I have a leg tumor right now. Its really really annoying and slightly painful at times. I really wish this mystery bump would go away. 6- Do any of you know what I want for Christmas??? I hope you know..and I hope you are getting it for me!!!!

7 Things I Would Never Say: A certain word that starts with F and ends with art. I hate that word, "No Josh I don't you to watch the kids for a whole day while I go shopping", "I love bearing my testimony in church!", "I love cream cheese, YUM", "I promise to never eat chocolate again", "Please don't give me a present for my birthday", "Keep crying Baby, I love to hear you cry!"

8 Things I Love About Christmas: I love how much Josh loves Christmas...he makes it so fun, giving presents, getting presents, Christmas music, Christmas trees, Santa, food, and Jesus.

9 Things I Say To My Kids: No, Stop, Don't drink the bath water, Are you stinky?, Stop Whining, Do you need a thump?, How did you get so cute?, I love you, Who do you love?"

10 Things I Do A Lot: Feed the baby, Exercise, IM Lori, Change Diapers, Sing, Eat Candy, Complain, Check my email, waste time, talk to myself.

11 Things I Would Rather Not Live Without: My family, the internet, cards from friends, Pepsi, Chocolate, my bed, my car, The Gospel of Jesus Christ, my friends, pedicures, my dishwasher, surprises.

12 People I Tag: Bonny, Molly, Ringmaster, Dani, Tye, Audra, Tara, Angie, Denise, Jill, Angela and Rachel. But if you made it this far...then I give you permission to not do this tag!

I have another Christmas tag from Dani...I'll get to it soon!


Nielsen Familia said...

Thanks for doing the tag Abbey! And thanks for re-tagging some people who still haven't done it, maybe they'll do it this time! I liked your "7 things I wouldn't say." It made me laugh!

Dani said...

Hey... I won't do yours if you don't do mine!!!!! :) DEAL? LOL