Sunday, April 26, 2009

More Construction! I was all motivated to post everyday to show the progress that we are doing on our addition (not that any of the 6 of you really care but more for a record for ourselves). BUT...I am a slacker when it comes to blogging! Maybe because I am super busy or maybe because I just am not that creative when it comes to making this thing interesting.
This is after the hole was dug. They are putting the forms down for the footings. Very intertaining to watch.
I obviously am skipping ahead a bit. In this picture the footings are all poured and now they are pouring the walls for the basement. This was the most entertaining thing to watch so far. The guy in the picture, Ryan, should seriously join the circus as a tight rope walker. It was crazy how balanced he was on walking up and down these forms.

Here is the view from my back porch. My dad came up a few days ago to do the underground plumbing. Dad, Todd, and Josh got right to work as soon as they got here and they were done in just a couple hours (and just in time for us to go to the fish place for dinner).

Here is a picture of what will soon be my new driveway and garage. I can't wait! I need to get a picture still of the hole that was cut in my basement wall where the old basement will connect to the new one. I should have taken a picture before Josh and I spent all day cleaning up the 25 layers of dust that were in my storage room one the cutting was done. It was sooo bad....but luckily its all clean now!
I know everyone us just thrilled to read this. I am picturing you all just sitting on the edges of you seats wondering what will be the next step.....haha.


Skinner Family said...

Maybe you are such a blog slacker because you spend too much time on facebook - I know that is my slacker problems :)

The addition looks good - how exciting!

Molly said...


Jill said...

Abbey, you really underestimate our excitement. I'm excited to see what the finished addition looks like. Maybe if we ever get up to SV, we can see it! How is everything, by the way?