Saturday, April 11, 2009

Septic Tank....Really Crappy Problem was the fun problem from day #1.
Not long into the digging process the excavator noticed that the lid to my septic tank seemed to be caving in a little bit. Yeah....not a good thing. He said he was willing to try and uncover the whole tank but he was nervous to do it because there was a chance that he could do even more damage than there already was. We really had no choice though. In the picture above you can see that they lid had a huge crack and a hole in it. And let me just tell was so SMELLY! We had gotten ahold of a guy that makes the pre-cast concrete lids and he was able to get us one that same day (huge relief). The only problem was that we were afraid that the broken lid would break even more when they tried to get it off and then land in my septic tank that was full of well....POOP. Luckily I got ahold of someone that could come right over and pump out the tank (another huge relief).
Here is the new lid. I was so relieved to see it finally in place. My nose was really relieved too! Seriously that smell was so bad!

So they got a lot less done yesterday than we had hoped for but I am so glad that we caught this problem before it got worse. The guy that brought the new lid said that if we didn't fix that problem and then the crane came in to bring the trusses it would have completely caved in the septic tank and we would have had a much bigger problem!
They will be back on Monday to finish digging and then the concrete guys are coming on Tuesday. Poor kills him to miss all the action while he is at work during the day!