Tuesday, June 30, 2009


I am in a SERIOUS blogging RUT!!! So here are some picutres to catch you up!
Levi: ALMOST potty trained. He is a goof ball and keeps me laughing all day long! He is definately a charmer.
And definately gets tired when he has been playing all day at grandma's house!

Callie: She is into everything!!!! She crawled way earlier than the other kids and it kind of catches me off gaurd sometimes. She got a NASTY burn on her leg from my curling iron last week and she has been sick with an ear infection, fever, and stomach bug of some kind. Usually she is a really happy and content baby.... BUT when she is sick she wants to be held by mommy ALL DAY LONG!!!!

Millie: She is 5 already!!! I can't believe how time flies. She is my little helper and she is thrilled to go to all day kindergarten in the fall.

I can hardly ever get a picture of her looking at the camera because before I even get the button pressed she is running to look at the picture. I love this picture though. SO SWEET!

She had a dance recital last month. There is really nothing cuter than a bunch of 4 year olds trying to dance. When she tries to dance its cute. When I dance its commical!

For the opening number all of the girls that wanted to got to dance with their dads in a number called "Dancing on Daddy's Feet" It was so sweet to see all of the girls with their dads. Millie loved the time she got to spend just with daddy going to rehearsals.

STAY TUNED FOR MUCH MORE TOMORROW!!! My camera battery died but I still have pictures to post of the house and Callie's burn!

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Heidi said...

Cute pics! Love 'em.