Sunday, June 7, 2009

More House Pics

Josh and his friend Ty have been doing the electrical work. Ty has kind of just coached Josh through it. It is crazy how much work Josh has been doing. He gets up super early and works until it is almost too dark for him to work. I have to practically drag him in for lunch.
Here are a few current pictures. This week we should be getting the roof on and then we can get started on the dry wall. There is a little bit more insulating to do but Josh thinks he can get that done tomorrow after work.

All of the rough in plumbing is done too! Huge props to my dad....the most awesome plumber ever, and my little brother Todd. Its always fun to have them come up and, work. And just wait until I show you a picture of my SWEET bath tub!


Molly said...

I can't wait to see it in person.

Ringmaster said...

Holy Crap I haven't been paying attention. It looks great!!!

Tim and Angie said...

Wow, it's really coming together quickly! I'm sure you're going to love all that extra space. Good job Josh, you're quite the handyman!

Tara and Orlando said...

Yowzers! Josh you are awesome! It is looking so great, I can't wait to see the final pictures.