Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Favorite Things Party! and craftiness

Last week I got to escape for a couple hours to hang out with my best friends for our annual My Favorite Things Party. It was so much fun!!!
I love these girls so much! We missed a couple of them that weren't there. We laughed our heads off, ate yummy food, and got lots of super fun presets!!!

I've been trying to be a little craftier in an attempt to save some money this Christmas. This is a lame picture but these are soup cans that have the pull top lid. I opened them from the bottom and filled them with treats then glued the bottom back on. Then made them look cute! The recipient of the present gets to open the top, eat the treats and maybe use it for a pencil holder or something. I'm thinking I'll try fabric on some next time.
Oh yeah, family pictures! Maybe tomorrow!


Jenny said...

Um, I thought you said you were the uncrafty sister. WHATEVER!!!!
Those are soooo cute. What a fab idea. I am jealous. I will steal that idea for something else some time though. My word today is whiboma. I think that is a fun name for Obama.

Dani said...

I LOVE THOSE!!!!! how cute!!!! Good job girl!!

Molly said...

Those turned out cute! I saw some similar on a blog and have been collecting cans to fill with treats for my neighbors. I didn't realize to glue the bottome on however - good idea.

Andrea said...

The party looks like a lot of fun! And I LOVE the can idea! What kind of paper did you use? Looks like Scrap booking paper is it? You sure are crafty. ;o)