Monday, December 7, 2009


We spent Thanksgiving with my family this year down in Salem. Early Friday morning we left and came home so all of the Despains could join us here for the rest of the weekend. We went to Bar J Wranglers (LOVE), hunting for Christmas trees, played lot of games and at lots of food. Millie and her cousin had a great time puttig on make-up and doing their own hair!
This is at my moms house! All of the guys enjoying the couch! Callie is sitting on my grandpa's lap. They are birthday buddies! He is soooo cute with the little kids!

Here are Callie and baby Mac getting to know each other. They played in my moms tupperware lid drawer and had a great time.

Cute Grandma Carol with little baby Ava.

For FHE the week of Thanksgiving we made these oreo turkeys. CUTE!

Levi could not wait to eat it!
I have a few more blogs coming this week!!!! I really am not sure there could be a more lame blogger in the world than me. BLAH! Stay tuned though. I might even post our family picutes for you!


Angela said...

Them boys don't look very happy...this must have been before dinner!

You should crop out everyone but Grandpa and Callie, those two look like they are having fun!

Tara and Orlando said...

I love the oreo turkeys. What fun! And not to worry, there are worse bloggers out there. I still love to see updates, even if it is only once a month or two. :) Afterall, you do have 3 kids!

Wilkinson Family said...

FAMILY PICTURES!!! I want to see!