Saturday, January 2, 2010

New Years Eve

Don't ask me what Tye is doing behind Josh.........or why my camera has the date totally wrong. Maybe I should figure out how to get that date to not show up. Hmmm....

Levi was the only kid that stayed up clear until midnight. So here he playing a game with himself while all the other kiddos were napping.
(I have no idea why the pictures insist on being on the top. The refuse to let me move them....stubborn pictures.)

So the plan for Christmas break was to go see family in Utah and then come and get my house in order. We saw family, we came home. My house is NOT in order. I've been sick for what seems like FOREVER now so I have really just vegged out all week. I took a small break from my vegging to go and see Erin and Andrea (and a whole lot of kids)! It was so great to see them and I didn't get to stay nearly as long as I would have liked. Then New Year's Eve I felt decent enough to have some friends over for games.

HOLY COW!!! I don't think I have had this much fun in a really long time! The Larsons and Broughs came over and it was a BLAST! The kids all cooperated, we had loads of delicious food, and we laughed a lot!!! I stayed up way too late and felt horrible the next day. I took that as an excuse to read a good book, watch a good movie and I even snuck in a nap.
I can't wait for Monday to get here so I can get back to my routine!!!!

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