Monday, March 1, 2010

Too Boring to Blog

I really really wish I had something exciting to blog about. But I don't. Life is just normal....which is good.

2010 has brought us lots of weekend company....which is WAY FUN.

We have been mostly healthy, until now. Callie and Levi both have yucky colds. Josh and Millie are on their way. So far I am just taking care of everyone.

We bought half a has been more fun for me now that we actually have beef that tastes good.

We are leaving town this weekend after 2 full months of staying in the valley. YAY!!! We are hoping it is a little warmer down in Salt Lake!

Hmmmm......See, I told you we are boring!


Molly said...

Hmm... I feel boring too. Are you going to the baby blessing this weekend?

Jenny said...

Well, my life has been anything but boring. But it sure hasn't been fun. Can't wait to see you

Heidi said...

Sweet! So I take it you'll be picking up your sewing machine? It's still here safe and sound. :)

Tara and Orlando said...

It's not boring at all. Life is made up of the little things, and we like hearing about the little things.

Pedersen Family said...

You aren't boring...but next time let us know when you're in town. We love game nights with the Despain's!

Harry Potter Rocks said...

I had lots of fun with you in Logan!