Friday, March 26, 2010

Still Boring.


Today we are leaving on a week long VACATION!!!! We need it. A few of those days Josh and I will be alone. The kids are staying with my awesome mom and dad. I'm so grateful they will keep them so Josh and I can have some alone time. I feel bad for my mom....she has to keep Callie too. I love Callie I really do but GOLLY that girl knows how to wear on me. I exhausted by her and I am sure her grandma will be too. CANT WAIT FOR TIME ALONE WITH JOSH. Did I mention that yet.

So, well be back in a week and then it will take me a week to get my house back together and then I will blog about the great time we are going to have. I know you will all be waiting on the edge of your seat. HAHA

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Andrea said...

It's going to take you 2 weeks to share all your good stuff?! I will be in Ethiopia and miss it all! :o)
Have a really good time, I hope you are looking forward to spending some time with Josh! ;o)
Knock 'em dea Smokin Hot Mama