Thursday, April 8, 2010


It is totally a miracle that I am blogging about this so soon! I know its been a week and a half but sheesh, I really feel on top of things! Josh and I had so much fun in Las Vegas. There are so many things to do and see and there is SO MUCH WALKING!!!!

We got there Sunday afternoon and just because we were kid free we decided to take a nap. Ohhhhh it was so nice to sleep without assuming I would have a kids bugging me 3 minutes later. After napping we went down to Circus Circus. It was so much fun to play all those carnival/fair type games. We spent a ton of cash but also won a ton of dorky stuffed animals for the kids. They were thrilled with them. No one tell them that in another few weeks I will probably trash some of them. I swear there are stuffed animals that breed in my house.

After Circus Circus we went to dinner and headed back down to the strip to walk around. HOLY COW we walked forever. There is so much to see though (especially lots of drunk, scantilly clad people and people handing out hooker cards). I love love love the Bellagio. Its so cool and totally worth a Vegas trip just to see it. I should have taken pictures but I didn't. It was SO WARM down there. I loved being able to escape the arctic!

Now for some random pics! More to come later!
My man standing in from on the Luxor.
On Monday we decided to try the samples of Coke products from around the world. I am not sure which one I am sipping here but it was NASTY. Later I am going to post a movie of Josh trying an Italian drink called Beverly. EWWWW is was GROSS!

Here is Josh trying one that I guess wasn't too bad. Some of them were actually alright but most of them tasted like you were drinking super carbonated benadryl. SO AWFUL!

Ick....I can't believe I am actually posting a pic of me and my fat self. Here I am standing in from of the Excalibur. Josh bought me some new shades. I love them. I got a hair cut the day after this was you can tell it was very needed. LOL
More to come. In another week or so. Serioulsy how do so many people have so much time to blog???


Skinner Family said...

Fune trip! Alone time is always well deserved :)

SupermomE11 said...

I am so glad you guys had fun Abbey! And you are NOT fat. You look great. :)
i hope you and Josh had lots of quality time together. I am jealous of the nap! :)
call me when Callie is feeling better.
Miss you!