Monday, October 27, 2008


Ya know how sometimes you just feel really blessed??? That is how I feel lately. I'm not sure that I deserve all of the kindness that I have been blessed with lately. I have needed it though and definately appreciated it! Now that my baby is a month old I am finally getting in the swing of things again and hopefully I can return all of the kindness! Here are a few highlights from the last month in no particular order:

*All three of my sisters came to see me in the hospital. The 4 of us are very rarely all together so it was a lot of fun to see them.

*My mom came and stayed for a few days. One day that she was here I accidently feel asleep on the couch. She took the baby and the kids down stairs and let me sleep when I needed it most...and she made me some really cool curtains while she was here and fixed about 20 of Josh's shirts

*I didn't have to cook for a month. Soooo many people brought us meals!

*My friends Tye and Dani brought me onion rings one day. I needed some greasy food but mostly I needed some company for a few minutes

*My aunt made the baby the most beautiful blessing dress EVER!

*So many people have called or stopped by.

*Uncle Russ and Aunt Ruth stopped by one night and Aunt Ruth held the baby for over and hour!!! It was so nice to sit and visit with them!

*Josh---he needs to win the husband and dad of the year award. He gets up with me in the night, cleans, cooks, plays with the kids.....I could go on and on. I couldn't ask for a better husband

Thanks everyone for all you have done to make this last month a little easier for me!!! I know I have left things out but that doesn't mean I have forgotten it!!!!


Jill said...

Glad things are going so well for you Abby! Your baby is beautiful! How is everyone in SV?

Dani said...

If I would have known that onion rings were the way to your happiness we would have brought you MORE!!!! you are the best ABBY and I am sooo lucky to have you as a friend!!!